Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, lovebirds! Since this year, going out or even on a trip seems impossible, due to the current situation, I decited to gather a few ideas to decorate your home for the occasion. Not only will it set the mood for the day of love, but it is also super easy to do. Make sure to stay tuned all the way to the end, for a few additional tipps for a cozy valentine’s day at home.

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1. Flowers

Who would have guessed it, right? Well, we all love flowers and why wait for someone to get you some flowers? Just get a couple of roses, tulips and maybe some eucalyptus or other greenery and place them in small little vases or bottles all over your house. It will leave little accents of color and a fresh smell in every room. And if youre getting a beautiful bouquet of flowers for valentine’s day, it will fit right in with the decoration. 

2. Heart Wreath or Welcome Sign

There is nothing better than coming home to a house filled with love. Why not declare it right at the door? With a little bit of wire and some flowers – dried or fresh – you can create a beautiful heartshaped wreath for the door or your walls. A beautiful alternative is when you cut a heart shape out of wood and then paint it in white or red or even have your kids help you paint something on it. Here are some cute Tutorials:

Valentine’s Day Wreaths

3. Candles and Fairy Lights

Winter is the season for it and there simply is nothing more romantic than lighting up candles all over the room and spreading some fairy lights.

Now with the fairy lights I would make sure to use them in a warm white color, as the regulare white can be a little too bright sometimes. You can hang them up around your windows or stick a few smaller strings in little glas bottles and vases. For candles I would choose one candle for each room that has a scent to it and the rest of them be without it. This way the scents don’t get all mixed up. You can also get electric candles and just have one of them be a real scented one. Why use one with a smell to it? Well, we want to experience the season with all our senses, so taste and smell should most definitely be covered. 

4. Lets talk about food

Speaking of covered. How about chocolate covered strawberrys? You can make them yourself or with your partner and then put them in a beautiful decorative platter on your coffeetable or diningroom table. They are awesome to snack on and to me they just scream love! You can also do some brownies or some cute red velvet muffins with white frosting.

For the drinks you would like to have on Valentine’s day and then set up a little beverage bar for it. You can either go with some hot chocolate or some champagne with strawberry sirup. Enjoy 😉

5. Make it Cozy

Last but not least get your home into the cozy mood. Get all your pillows and throws out and load the sofa up with fluff. Staying in for a romantic night might as well be comfortable and cozy. If you have a lot of picture frames up on your walls, you could also print out some romatic printables or draw some love notes up yourself. Its cozy and personal. 

Chocolate Covered Strawberrys | Createbeautifulthings

Now these simple tips should make it easy to get into the Valentine’s spirit! but what to do when the restaurants and theaters are still closed? Well, it is not about what you do on the day of love, but about the person you do it with. Staying in sounds like an everyday thing, but it wont be if you want to make it special. There are lots of things to do with your partner and best friend:

• A movie night with champagne and strawberrys

• Playing a game that you have never played before

• Go for a walk together and talk about your future goals. Get excited for everything that is yet to come.

• Cooking or baking a cake / cookies together

• Turn on the music and have a little danceparty

• Go on Youtube and play a quiz on your childhood series or guessing movie theme songs.

I am super excited for Valentine’s Day, because we are getting married this year and already are completely in the mood! So I wish you an amazing time together.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

5 Simple ways to decorate for Valentinesday | Createbeautifulthings