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Dried Palm leaves are super trendy right now. They fit right into several design styles, like the boho-look, coastal or even into a minimalistic home. Really you can use this dried flower decoration anywhere you like, so we decided to show you how to recreate the paper version of the palm leaf yourself. It literally only takes a few short minutes to make and is a much cheaper option, that doesn’t cost more than a few cent. Plus it also doesn’t have to be shipped around the globe to get to your doorstep, which makes it much more sustainable. So enjoy watching and have fun making these yourself!

What you need for your dried paper palm leaf


• Baking paper or brown craft paper

• Wood skewer

• Brown cord

• Tape

• Pencil & Scissors

Step-by-step: How to make your own paper palm leaf

You can do these paper palm leaves in any size that you would like. We chose to do a few smaller and medium size ones. If you want to you can go even bigger, of course. The real thing comes in all sizes as well. If you do a large leaf, we recommend using brown craft paper, as the baking paper just doesn’t come in such a large size. But you could always just piece two pieces of baking paper together. We like the baking paper option, because it gives the whole thing a beautiful texture and has a transparent effect.

draw your pattern

The pattern is super easy and works in every size. Just go straight up on both sides with your pencil and then connect the two lines with a curved line. The curve can be as curvy or flat as you want. We played around with several different options, so every leaf looks different.

fold your paper

Now start folding your paper in a zick zack pattern. The smaller the lines, the smaller the details will be. Again, there is no wrong way here, just play around with different distances.

start cutting

On the curves side, cut out large triangles from one folding line to the other. You can also cut a little deeper into the fold. it gives It a little more flexibility and depth.

Easy DIY - Dried Paper Palm Leaf | Createbeautifulthings

fold it together

Cut up three pieces of clear tape and get it ready to use. Then, after cutting the triangles into your paper, fold the whole thing up. While you hold it with one hand, you can pull a little at the ends, to make sure everything is laying nicely.

Easy DIY - Dried Paper Palm Leaf | Createbeautifulthings

tape it

Hold the flat folded site up. Take your wooden skewer and stick it in the middle of it. With a piece of tape, tape it all together, so it sticks to the skewer and also cannot unfold.

Easy DIY - Dried Paper Palm Leaf | Createbeautifulthings

wrap it

Take your brown cord and secure one and with your second piece of tape. Then cover all the not so pretty areas with the cord, by wrapping it around the skewer a few times.

Easy DIY - Dried Paper Palm Leaf | Createbeautifulthings

secure it

Once the cord is wrapped around the skewer a bunch of times, take your last piece of tape and secure the end of the cord on the wooden stick.

Easy DIY - Dried Paper Palm Leaf | Createbeautifulthings


See how easy that was? The first time might take a few more minutes. But once you get the hang of it, these are super easy to make and look super cute. 

We hope you enjoyed doing these cute dried paper palm leaves as much as we did. If you love to do DIY projects like this, make sure to follow us on Instagram and TikTok as well and stay always up to date with our latest projects.


Have fun creating beautiful things!

Easy DIY - Dried Paper Palm Leaf | Createbeautifulthings