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Industrial-look mirrors are not only super trendy, but also come with a very high price tag. Nevertheless, an industrial mirror gives every home a modern look to die for. That is why today I want to show you how you can turn any mirror with a frame into a gem like this. Without spending a fortune on it!

What you need for your mirror makeover


• A mirror with a frame. (I used my old ikea mirror)

• Black tape

• Black Spraypaint 

• Glas cleaner 

• Protective Sheet   

• Tape 

how to give your old mirror a modern look

1. Cut your protective sheet to the size of your mirrors surface. 

2. Place the sheet on the mirror and tape it to the outer edge of the mirror surface. Secure the tape well, so that no paint runs underneath it.

3. Clean your frame carefully with glass cleaner.

4. Take the black spray paint and spray it on the frame. It is best to place the mirror on two stands so that you can get to it easily. Also, you should use the paint only outside, so you don’t get the paint on to something else and so you don’t inhale the toxic fumes. A breathing mask is also very helpful here.

5. Let the mirror dry overnight. Depending on the result, you can paint it again the next morning or go directly to step 6.

6. Remove the tape and the protective foil from the mirror.

7. Take the glass cleaner and clean the mirror thoroughly!

8. Now use a pencil and a ruler and mark on the mirror where you want to have your black lines.

9. Cut the self-adhesive sealing tape to size and place it on the marked areas. Press it down firmly so that you can clean over it later.

DIY Industrial Mirror Makeover | Createbeautifulthings

Hang it up and enjoy!