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What is design? Why is design important and which design style fit to you and your personality? These and many other interior design questions will be solved in this online magazine. Design is not just a word used in fashion, but is now in everything that surrounds us. That’s why we’ve put together a few design styles for you, with its most relevant features, that make each style. You don’t know what you like yet? Take our short quiz and find out which style suits you best. (Quiz coming soon)

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When were the different design styles created?

16 – 17 Jh. Farmhouse

Farmers needed a place to spend the night, that was close to their fields. This style came from their lifestyle

Ca. 1950 – Scandinavian Design

This design style comes from the Scandinavian countries: Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Simplicity, minimalism and form that follows function are the main characteristics

Ca. 1960 - Boho Design

The lifestyle of good vibes only – A popular style among the hippies, who collected souvenirs while traveling around the world and used them to decorate their homes.

The beginning of Design

The profession of designer emerged in the course of industrialization. Due to the development of mass production, factories had to have prototypes made in advance. Since artists usually had the necessary spatial thinking, as well as a sense for the taste of customers, they were often hired for this job. The new combination of art and industry created a completely new profession – design.

What makes Design so important

Since its beginnings during the industrialization era, design has now become the focus of our everyday lives. From the toothbrush to the towel, to the remote control and the light fixture next to our bed… for just about every product, someone has actively sat down and thought about the form and functions. Prototypes are developed, ideas are discarded and redesigned. Space concepts are developed to enhance your quality of life, light and sound concepts and shapes tell a story in advertising, at the doctor’s appointment and on the subway. Design is all around us and it’s hard to imagine our lives without it.