Winter is so slowly getting closer

It’s almost Christmas and the days are getting shorter and shorter. The days with little daylight can be very depressing and that’s why you should make yourself extra cozy today. I used to not like the cold, dark days of winter at all. However, the older I get, the more I’ve learned to appreciate the cozy and slow time of year by taking long warm baths. There was a time when I had so many bees up my butt that I just couldn’t understand how anyone could just lay around in the water for hours on end. However, when life catches up with you, it’s a great relaxation to just not have to do anything for a while and just let yourself drift in the hot water. Like most Germans, I only have a small bathroom. This small bathroom, however, has a bathtub and that is everything I need. 

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The history of the bathroom is already very old

Already 6000 years ago the first ceramic bathtubs where created. Baths were a cultural standard in the great dynasties of the Greeks, Egyptians and also the Romans. Saunas and large pool landscapes were used to talk about business. Cleopatra swore by her baths in donkey milk, for beautiful skin. Then, in the Middle Ages, it was found that the water unfortunately transmitted many bacteria. Which, in fact, it did, because people didn’t use chlorine in their swimming pools back then. However, instead of solving the problem, the church banned washing with water. 

For 200 years, people sprayed themselves with perfume day after day to cover their terrible smell. Fortunately, with the revolution came the enlightenment about water and people started to washthemselves with soap and water. Unfortunately, bathrooms were only available to the higher classes of society. Around 1900, however, bathrooms were finally installed for the common people in their homes. However, these were usually only a few square meters in size or even just a niche in the kitchen.

In today’s age, however, we can see a big change in bathrooms. We no longer want a room just for personal hygiene, but instead incorporate the bathroom into our homes as another living space. The bathroom is being made larger and spreads the feeling of being in your own wellness oasis. Unfortunately, we are still far from this oasis in most houses and apartments, because especially the apartments before the 50s have a maximum of four to eight square meters. That’s not particularly large, but who said small bathrooms don’t have charm? We simply work with what we have and create our own personal wellness oasis.

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What you need

  • A Bathtub
  • Bath Bombs or Milk
  • Candles & Fairy Lights
  • Music
  • Hair Mask & Face Mask
  • Two Towels
  • Water and Wine
  • A good Book


Music sets the right mood for bathing, so you should choose it carefully. I always do this depending on my mood of the day and just choose from the mood playlists on Spotify. My favorite playlist is probably Coffeehouse music. To be honest, however, I also like to just leave out the music sometimes altogether, just to think about nothing. On other days I also just watch a movie on the laptop, where music would of course disturb. Just make yourself comfortable and see what you feel most like.

Nice smelling Bath Boms

A nice scent is an absolute must. Clear water for bathing is simply not for me. When it comes to smell, however, everyone is different again and that’s why you should first try your way through several different bath bombs and foams to find the right scent for you to relax.

At the moment, I’m completely in love with my milk and rose bath lotion from Kneipp because it just makes my skin incredibly soft. There are also super many tutorials on Pinterest on how to make your own bath balls.  


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Face and Hair Masks

While you’re lying around in the bath water, you can of course do something good for your skin and hair. Apply a mask of your choice to your face. For the hair, olive or coconut oil is also wonderful instead of a hair mask. Apply the oil to your lengths and ends, wrap a towel around your hair and sit back. After bathing, shampoo your hair well so that the oil doesn’t make your hair look greasy.

Quick tip: Only when the shampoo really starts to foam, you have all the oil residues out of your hair.

Let the water in

Whenever I feel like taking a hot bath, I first start running lukewarm water into the tub. When it’s 2/3 full, I turn the faucet to hot water. This way of filling in the water is faster, cheaper and you don’t burn your feet as soon as you get in.

Candles and fairy lights

Light 3-4 candles and spread them around the edge of the bathtub. The flickering of the candles immediately creates a relaxing atmosphere. You can wrap a string of lights with warm light around the mirror. If you like to read a book or watch movies while bathing, then the string of lights around the mirror will be very helpful, as you will get enough soft light.

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Water and Wine

Enjoying a glass of wine in the bathtub sounds like a very good idea. In fact, for me, there’s nothing more relaxing than leaning back in the tub and sipping a delicious rosé. That being said, the alcohol can be a bit of a hazard. The hot water in combination has an even stronger effect on the circulation and should therefore be enjoyed with caution. A glass of water is very helpful after a stressful day and also provides enough fluids.

The secodn towel

The bathtub rim isn’t very comfortable and you don’t have a bath pillow? Take a second small towel, fold it twice and then roll it up into a roll and stick it under your head. That’s how easy it is to build your own pillow, for relaxing. The first pillow you are using for your hair, to have that hairmask soak in nicely.

After a cozy bath, I love to wrap myself in a warm bathrobe. Put it in the dryer for a few minutes or hang it over the heater, then wrap up well and snuggle under a warm blanket on the couch or in bed. By the way, you can find out how to make your home extra cozy HERE.

How do you prefer to spend your relaxation time? Did you like the article or do you have some additional suggestions? Feel free to write it to me in the comments and share this post with your friends. <3